Mob Statistics
Release date April 14 2018 (Update)
Test date Unknown edit
Type Gender Level XP
Unknown edit Unknown edit 16
HPs MVs Dmg
176 - 178 N/A
Height Weight BMI
Unknown edit Unknown edit Unknown
Aggro Unknown edit


A Seanchan conscript is the April 2018 replacement for Seanchan master mobs. A hired mercenary and a lanky trolloc are the analogous mobs for LS and DS masters.


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Basic Info

The mob appears to be level 16, notably weaker than the level 25 of "old" master mobs. It does not like having warding vs damage cast on it. A Seanchan conscript (or the appropriate analogue) may be issued by a master by going to a barracks room in Lugard, Amador, Caemlyn, Emmond's Field, Fal Dara, Jehannah, Seandar, Tar Valon, Falme, Rhahime, or the Ruined Keep and saying "issue mob." Saying "return to base" in a barracks room will purge the mob. Exact abilities and commands to which the mob will respond are a work in progress, as there have been some bugs, so consider this a placeholder article stub while adjustments are made by staff.


The mobs appear unwilling to respond to traditional "order" commands. They can be equipped with armor just like a horse; e.g. equip conscript plate. For weapons, they must be equipped with a sheath containing a weapon, which they'll then draw when they enter combat. They can't be ordered to fight, but will assist the master leading them. Since they can't be ordered, they can't rest, sit, or sleep, which means that to keep one from following you into a room, you have to flee, which can be awkward, especially in groups. They respond to two special MOBOLed commands. Say "rally!" to make the mob re-follow if for some reason it stops. Say "retreat" to make the mob (after a delay) disengage so that it may be led out of combat.

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