Mob Statistics
Release date July 27 2018 (Update)
Test date 09/28/2019
Type Gender Level XP
Unknown edit Male 25
HPs MVs Dmg
275 - 279 N/A
Height Weight BMI
70 in >181 lbs Unknown
Nation Shienar
Clan Shienaran Lancers
Aggro Unknown edit


A Shienaran footman is a humanoid? CTF-follower mob found in various locations.


"A Shienaran footman stands here.

The soldier exudes a deadly aura, emphasized by the way he wears his heavy armor with practiced ease. Glittering eyes carefully watch his surroundings, ready for anything the Blight or Shadow may throw at him."

Keywords: footman, male, shienaran


No zones are known to currently load this mob.


Two of these load with a Shienaran lieutenant.

Like all CTF mini-patrols, these can be summoned by killing and dropping the scalp of the leader of the current patrol.

Additionally, Darkfriends of a certain status can turn existing patrols by typing SUMMON CELL.


Item Slot Rarity
a chain coif Head 100%
a chainmail tunic Chest 100%
a fine woolen cloak Body 100%
a light pair of leather coverings Arms 100%
a thick pair of leather work gloves Hands 100%
a rapier Wielded 100%
a pair of thin leather leggings Legs 100%
a pair of heavy leather boots Feet 100%
a torch Inventory 100%
a copper penny (10) Inventory 100%

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