Item Statistics
Release date Unknown edit
Test date 4-4-2018
Type Armor
Slot Feet
DB 4
PB 2
MVs 5
Abs 18%
Weight 0.7 lbs
Rent 12 coppers
Value 300 coppers
Sheath No
Special Nothing


A black pair of silver-tooled boots is a feet item.


A black pair of soft, silver-tooled boots lie on the ground.

Keywords: black, boots, silver, tooled, dodgeeq



No zones are known to currently load this item.


Shop Location Cost
Mountain Armoury Ko'bal Keep 419 coppers


Mob Lvl Type Count Rarity
Bryn Plambo 2/2  100%
Celia, the Domani thief 1/3  33%
Dougan Revarnan 1/1  100%
H'Krreth the Myrddraal 1/1  100%
Imrysa Doberak 1/9  11%
Lunal Galgan, Captain-General of the Corenne 1/1  100%
Mattin Stepaneos den Balgar ??  Standard
Mazrim Taim 1/1  100%
Moridin 1/1  100%
Officer Elricain Tavolin 1/1  100%
Orma 1/3  33%
Roland Azaron, Chief of the Smugglers 4/12  33%
Tervain Shehald 2/2  100%
Zamara Khel 2/2  100%
Zamora Khel 2/2  100%
a bandit warlord 1/1  100%
a grey man 1/1  100%
a leader of renegade aielmen 1/8  13%
an Aes Sedai (40) 1/2  50%
an Atha'an Miere Sailmistress 1/1  100%
the Lizard King 1/1  100%
the Lord Meneril 4/4  100%
the kennel keeper ??  ??
the underground mistress 6/18  33%
the wicked myrddraal (Kandor) 2/2  100%


This item is not known to be craftable.


  • Armor stats updated 5/3/2018 from WoTMUD Armor Statistics
  • An update on November 5th 2017 decreased weight from 1.7 to 0.7, decreased MVS from 16 to 5, increased ABS from 0 to 1%
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