Item Statistics
Release date Unknown edit
Test date Unknown edit
Type Armor
Slot Head (horse)
MVs 5
Weight 1.0 lbs
Rent 2 coppers
Value 5 coppers
Special Nothing


A bridle made of leather is a piece of Horse Eq which boosts the base MVs of a horse by 5.

It is also an item required for the Amador Adventurer Quests.


A bridle made of leather lies here.

Keywords: bridle, horseeq, leather



No zones are known to currently load this item.


Shop Location Cost
Baerlon Armory Baerlon 10 coppers
Cyril's Fine Armor Tar Valon 6 coppers
Leather Shop Tear 5 coppers
Musty General Store Saldaea Village 5 coppers
Pawn Shop Tear 10 coppers
Sal's Resellers and Outfitters Rhahime Village 6 coppers
Tanner's Shop Tarendrelle Village 5 coppers
The Gilded Fist Bandar Eban 6 coppers
The Grocer (Fal Dara) Fal Dara 7 coppers
The Keep Armory Fal Dara 10 coppers
The Master Armorer's Shop The Eye of the World 5 coppers
The Queen's Armory Caemlyn 10 coppers
The Thread and Fruit General Store Remen 5 coppers
Tremalking Armory Samarin 7 coppers


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Horse Eq