Item Statistics
Release date Unknown edit
Test date 03-26-2013
Type Armor
Slot Wrist
DB 0
PB 0
MVs 0
Weight 0.1 lbs
Rent 1 copper
Value 5 coppers
Sheath No
Special Nothing


A bright blue rose is a wrist item.

It is also an item required for the Amador Adventurer Quests, Falme Adventurer Quests, and Watch Hill Crier Quests.


A bright blue rose blooms here.

Keywords: rose, ??



Zone Room Qty. Notes
Andoran Countryside East In Front of a Manor House (SW)
In Front of a Manor House (NW)
South of a Manor House
Jehannah Rose Garden 1
Outer Caemlyn Caemlyn Park 1
Tear (zone) Flower Shop 1
The Shadow Coast East A Flowery Hillside 2


Shop Location Cost
A Quiet Shop Stedding Shangtai 25 coppers
A Traveller's Shop Caemlyn 6 coppers
Delan's Equipment and Supply Falme 7 coppers
Flower Shop Tear 6 coppers
Glancor Groceries Glancor 6 coppers
Grocery (Jafar) Jafar Village 5 coppers
Grocery Maradon 6 coppers
Maerone Groceries Maerone 6 coppers
Master Daelin's General Store Mayene Village 7 coppers
Mounds and Mounds of Merchandise Stedding Tsochan 6 coppers
Rosie's Posies Far Madding 6 coppers
The Common Grocer Bandar Eban 7 coppers
The Grocer (Fal Dara) Fal Dara 7 coppers
The Grocer (Whitebridge) Whitebridge 5 coppers
The Traveler's Shop Tar Valon 5 coppers
The Village Grocer Osenrein 5 coppers
The Village Grocery Legion Village 7 coppers


No mobs are known to currently load this item.


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