Item Statistics
Release date Unknown edit
Test date 08-17-2015
Type Food
Slot None
Nibbles 4
Weight 0.1 lbs
Rent 0 coppers
Value 3 coppers
Special Cookable


A cinnamon honeycake is a food item containing 4 nibbles.


A sweet and spicy cinnamon honeycake has been left here.

Keywords: cake, cinnamon, honeycake, pastry, pie


  • a blackcurrant pie
  • a custard pie with clotted cream
  • a hot pie filled with walnuts
  • an apple pie



No zones are known to currently load this item.


Shop Location Cost
A Small Bakery Mayene 4 coppers
Bakery Maradon 4 coppers
Broken Boar Touchan 4 coppers
Crown and Lion Tavern Caemlyn 3 coppers
Dwayne Scottsfield's Bake Shop Taren Ferry 3 coppers
Fine Baked Goods Baerlon 3 coppers
First Stop Bakery Tar Valon 3 coppers
Golden Plains Tavern Maredo Village 3 coppers
Inside the Barking Cat Osenrein 3 coppers
Kintara Bakery Kintara Village 3 coppers
Lugard Bakery Lugard 3 coppers
Merry Eric's Tavern Bandar Eban 4 coppers
Miner Bar Loggerhead 3 coppers
Nine Horse Hitch Lugard 3 coppers
Sunburst Tavern Amador 3 coppers
Tavern of the Dancing Cow Maradon 4 coppers
Tavern of the Domani's Kiss Bandar Eban 4 coppers
Tavern of the Pig Baerlon 3 coppers
The All-Night Bakery Tear 3 coppers
The Anchor Inn Tear 3 coppers
The Ansaline Gardens Inn The Eye of the World 3 coppers
The Baker of Glancor Glancor 3 coppers
The Bakery (Caemlyn) Caemlyn 3 coppers
The Bakery (Whitebridge) Whitebridge 3 coppers
The Bakery of Bandar Eban Bandar Eban 4 coppers
The Blue Grape Tavern Amador 3 coppers
The Common Room Whitebridge 4 coppers
The Dancing Badger Mayene 4 coppers
The Day's End Tavern Cairhien 4 coppers
The Drowning Wench Tavern Caemlyn 3 coppers
The Erinin Inn Maerone 3 coppers
The Fox and Goose Maerone 3 coppers
The Frothing Slosh Illian 4 coppers
The Golden Crane Tavern Mayene Village 4 coppers
The Green Man Stedding Tsochan 4 coppers
The Harvest Bakery Fal Dara 6 coppers
The Hitching Post Rhahime Village 4 coppers
The Keelhauler Tavern Falme 3 coppers
The Knave's Inn Caemlyn 3 coppers
The Queen's Blessing Caemlyn 3 coppers
The River Gate Maerone 3 coppers
The Safe Haven Inn Samarin 3 coppers
The Silver Dolphin Illian 4 coppers
The Silver Horn Maerone 3 coppers
The Star Tear 3 coppers
The Stooping Hawk Fal Dara 3 coppers
The Swaggering Coxswain Tavern Far Madding 3 coppers
The Three Towers Maerone 15 coppers
The Tremalking Splice Tar Valon 3 coppers
The Wagon Seat Lugard 3 coppers
The Wagoneer's Whip Maerone 9 coppers
The Wayman's Forge Inn Remen 3 coppers
The White Boar Watch Hill 3 coppers
The White Buck Tavern Far Madding 3 coppers
The White Lion Aringill 3 coppers
The Winespring Inn Emond's Field 3 coppers
The Wretched Bee Tavern Bandar Eban 4 coppers
Wayward Inn Common Room Tarendrelle Village 3 coppers


No mobs are known to currently load this item.


  • Retooled versions of this food item can be created at any of the many Cooking stations found in cities and towns around the world. -expand this-


  • Formerly named 'a cinnamon candy apple' - (changed sometime between Feb. 16 2013 and Aug. 18 2015)
  • Formerly named 'a cinnamon pastry' - (changed sometime after August 1 2012)
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