Mob Statistics
Release date Unknown edit
Test date Unknown edit
Type Gender Level XP
Unknown edit Female 99
HPs MVs Dmg
1089 - 1107 N/A
Height Weight BMI
>56<75 in >90<212 lbs Unknown
Aggro Dreadlords, Myrddraal, Trollocs
Abilities Track
Weaves Blind, Ice Spikes
Special Smob


A diminutive woman is a humanoid? smob who roams the world with her Warder, a powerfully built man.


"A diminutive woman watches you with ageless eyes.

Dark hair hangs in ringlets framing eyes like deep pools that are anywhere from deepest azure to black. A tiny woman, she radiates authority that makes her seem ten feet tall. It is not possible to guess her age, which could be anywhere beyond teenage years. A thin gold chain suspends a blue stone across her forehead."

Keywords: aes, female, moiraine, sedai, woman


Zone Room Qty. Notes
Baerlon Wanders 1 with a powerfully built man


Moiraine will weave Blind, Ice Spikes, and possibly other weaves, while Lan will assist and rescue her.


Item Slot Rarity
a great serpent ring Ring 100%
a golden diadem with a hanging sapphire Head 100%
a blue satin dress embroidered with snowdrops Body 100%
a golden bracelet Wrist 100%
a staff of sungwood Wielded 100%
a pair of soft, light shoes Feet 100%

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