Mob Statistics
Release date Unknown edit
Test date Unknown edit
Type Gender Level XP
Unknown edit Male 65
HPs MVs Dmg
715 - 727 N/A
Height Weight BMI
Unknown edit Unknown edit Unknown
Aggro Unknown edit
Room effects Anti-Fire weaves
Anti-Water weaves
Special Smob


A filthy man is a humanoid? smob found south of the Stronghold.


"A cruel looking man lurks nearby, smelling strongly of blood and death.

A large, shaggy-haired man, this cruel leader of the cave dwellers displays great muscular strength. Numerous scars adorn his body, which is covered in crude furs and layers of dirt."

Keywords: smob, ?


Zone Room Qty. Notes
Scorched Earth A Red Stone Chamber 1

The Filthy Man loads in a cave south of the Stronghold. Open a "stoneslab" at "A Small Ledge". You will find yourself in a small cave system with the Filthy Man located in "A Red Stone Chamber" behind the "greatdoors".

The area approaching the cave has a high density of aggressive mobs. The entrance is located on the southern side of a small mountain south of "Beyond the Dusty Veil".


The Filthy Man is protected by five grunting cave-dwellers.


Item Slot Rarity
a shoufa with a gray veil Head 1/1
a rimmed round helmet Head ?
an opal choker of fiery blue and pink beauty Neck 1/1
a burnished metal breastplate Chest 1/1
a set of lace sleeves Arms 1/1
a pair of riveted chainmail sleeves Arms ?
a thin pair of leather gloves Hands 1/1
a steel flanged mace Wielded 1/1
a two-handed binnol Wielded ?
an iron morning star Wielded ?
a wide leather belt Waist 1/1
a soft leather pouch Belt 1/1
a gold crown (10) Inside a soft leather pouch 1/1
a mirrored lantern Inside a soft leather pouch 1/1
a pair of ebony-steel plate greaves Legs 1/1
a pair of light leather boots Feet 1/1
an ethereal key Ground 1/1


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