Mob Statistics
Release date Unknown edit
Type Unknown edit
Gender Male
Level 65
Hit points Unknown edit
Height Unknown edit
Weight Unknown edit
Aggro Unknown edit
Track Unknown edit
Special Smob

A forest brigand leader is a humanoid? smob loading just east of Tar Valon.


An older man with a crooked smile glares at you.

An old relic to the game of thieving standing here, still holding to the
form of his petty theft days. Empty eyes do not stare back at you but
rather stare through you. He still holds his rank with the brigands
surrounding him. They follow every order he gives. A wicked, crooked smile
suddenly appears on his face. It seems like he doesn't enjoy intruders on
his command.

Keywords: smob, ?


Zone Room Qty. Notes
Fal Dara Road Inside the Hill/Bend in the Tunnel/Thawing Chamber 1 wanders w/ 5x forest brigands

Location: East of Tar Valon
Door(s): peat
Safe Room: 1w 1n 1u
Stabbable: Yes
Channel: No Channel
Wanders: Yes
Difficulty: Hard


The smob is accompanied by 5 forest brigands who will assist and rescue the smob. Additionally, 2 brigand sentries can be found in the tunnels.


Item Slot Rarity
an emerald ring Finger 5/5
a braided leather and silver headband Head 3/5
a gray suede hood Head 2/5
a thin, black chain Neck 5/5
a light hauberk of oiled chainmail Chest 1/5
a shadowy vest Chest 4/5
a pair of tooled leather sleeves Arms 3/5
a set of lace sleeves Arms 2/5
a pair of emerald-trimmed leather gloves Hands 3/5
a thin pair of leather gloves Hands 2/5
a barbed steel trident Wielded 2/5
a blue steel trident Wielded 1/5
a long halberd Wielded 2/5
a leather belt Waist 5/5
a small purse Belt 5/5
a soft leather pouch Belt 5/5
a silver Tar Valon mark (20) Inside a small purse 5/5
a bubbling draught Inside a soft leather pouch 1/5
a gold crown (10) Inside a soft leather pouch 5/5
a mirrored lantern (2) Inside a soft leather pouch (1)
Inventory (1)
a pair of ornately tooled leather leggings Legs 2/5
a pair of silken black pants Legs 3/5
a laced pair of brown boots Feet 1/5
a pair of light leather boots Feet 4/5

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