Item Statistics
Release date Unknown edit
Test date Unknown edit
Type Liquid container
Slot Ground
Capacity 10000 sips
Special Nothing


A fountain is a stationary liquid container capable of holding 10000 sips of water or other liquids.


A fountain is here, offering clear blue water to all.

Keywords: fountain, water, ??


Zone Room Qty. Notes
City of Illian Square of Tammaz 1
Flood Plains of Seandar Brass Fountain In the Courtyard 1
Isle Jafar Main Street Fountain 1
Jehannah Jehannah Central Square 1
Mayene (city) A Small Plaza
Market Square
New Far Madding North Various 5
Outer Caemlyn Caemlyn Central Square 1
Stedding Yandar Village Square 1
Tar Valon (zone) Merchant Square 1
Tear (zone) Tear Central Square 1
The Lugard Highway Fountain on the Lugard Road 1
The Sea of Storms Rockery 1
Whitebridge Magnificent Square 1
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