Mob Statistics
Release date Unknown edit
Test date Unknown edit
Type Gender Level XP
Unknown edit Female 60
HPs MVs Dmg
660 - 672 N/A
Height Weight BMI
Unknown edit Unknown edit Unknown
Weaves Blind, Contagion, Flame Strike, Poison
Status effects Perma-WvD
Room effects Anti-Fire weaves
Special Smob


A mad woman is a humanoid smob found on The Isle of Mad Men. She will channel aggressively to defend herself (poison, contagion, flamestrike, blind).


"A mad woman eyes you derisively.

This tall, dark skinned woman might be considered comely, were it not for the ritual scars that take the beauty from her features. She is dressed in filthy rags and adorned with charms that appear to be made of bone. Her eyes roll wildly, and she gestures wildly towards thin air frequently. She babbles, but not in a tongue that you can understand, but seems greatly agitated by something or someone."

Keywords: smob, woman, ?


Zone Room Qty. Notes
Isle of Madmen North Inside the Grim Treehouse 1



Item Slot Rarity
a thick brown sack Held 1/1
a ruby crystal Inside a brown sack 1/1
a cheap brass ring Finger 1/1
a necklace of dark ivy Neck 1/1
a finely-tailored white shirt Chest 1/1
a torn cloak Body 1/1
a sungwood bracelet Wrist 1/1
a langdebeve Wielded 1/1
a set of loose cloth breeches Legs 1/1
a pair of light, well-oiled leather boots Feet 1/1

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