Mob Statistics
Release date Unknown edit
Test date Unknown edit
Type Gender Level XP
Unknown edit Male 80
HPs MVs Dmg
880 - 896 N/A
Height Weight BMI
63 in Unknown edit Unknown
Aggro Unknown edit


A master blacksmith is a humanoid? shopkeeper found in various locations around the world.


"A master blacksmith is here, hard at work.

A strong, quiet and efficient man stands before you, his calloused hands betraying years of hard work at the forge. The whiskers of his large moustache are so long that they look long enough to pull, something which he may not appreciate. He is a busy man and will not hesitate to deal with people who waste his time with inappropriate requests."

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Zone Room Qty. Notes
Amador (zone) The Master Blacksmith's of Amador 1
Baerlon The Baerlon Master Blacksmith's 1
Bandar Eban (zone) 1
Cairhien (zone) The Royal Blacksmith of Cairhien 1
City of Illian The Blackened Forge 1
Fal Dara The Fal Dara Master Blacksmith's 1
Mayene (city) 1
Outer Caemlyn The Master Blacksmith's of Caemlyn 1
Stedding Shangtai Master Blacksmith 1
Tar Valon (zone) 1
Tear (zone) 1
The Ruined Keep The Ruined Anvil 1
Whitebridge The Master Blacksmith's of Whitebridge 1


Item Slot Rarity


Input Response

The master blacksmith can perform several crucial items which are described below:

  • Hone and Harden weapons - 75 and 150 gold respectively. Offer the weapon to determine its respective status. Give the weapon to the blacksmith and he will provide a receipt. Return the receipt in 6 game hours with the respective amount of gold in your inventory to receive the service.
  • Provide Practice Resets - A player may have their practice reset for a price in gold described below. Simply give the blacksmith the appropriate amount of gold (25 crowns, 150 crowns, 200 crowns)
  • Retool weapons for masters (Rank 7 and up) - retool item x y z (example: retool sword a shining blade of steel)
  • Retool clothing and trinkets (Rank 8 and up)
  • Temporary (December 2017) - retool a ball of dust to a temporary RP item which can be held. Using this feature to abuse mobol quests will result in severe punishement.
  • Reranking - The master blacksmith will rerank players who are rank 0 to rank 5 with the command "rerank me please" (rank 5 for non-Tower initiates, rank 4 for White Tower initiates)


  • Help

A master blacksmith says 'If you would like to see a list of my available services, type 'list'. A master blacksmith says 'I generally charge a modest amount for my more than worthwhile services.' A master blacksmith chuckles politely. A master blacksmith says 'I'll retrain those level 20 or under for 25 crowns, those above level 20 for 150 crowns, and those level 40 or above for 200 crowns.' A master blacksmith says 'I will drop crowns if you say drop.'For LAN users, you have the following options:Every 4 months, come in on the LAN owner character and SAY VERIFY LAN, to ensure your LAN registration is not deleted.When you wish to update your LAN, come in on the LAN owner character and SAY UPDATE LAN PLAYER1 CHAR1 CHAR2 CHAR3 PLAYER2 CHAR1 CHAR2 and so on.Please be mindful that there is a max to this autoregistration, you may want to segment your LAN update if you have too many characters.At this point, you still have to register a LAN with immortals first.

  • List

A master blacksmith whispers to you 'These are my currently available services.'

A master blacksmith whispers to you 'I can hone your weapon at a cost of 75 crowns.'

A master blacksmith whispers to you 'I can harden a previously honed weapon for 150 crowns.'

A master blacksmith whispers to you 'Just hand the item to me and I'll determine which needs to be done and get started.'

  • SAY JOIN RETOOL GUILD and then SAY RPRETOOL Dust a whatever item


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