Item Statistics
Release date Unknown edit
Test date 4-4-2018
Type Armor
Slot Head
DB -1
PB -1
MVs 0
Abs 45%
Weight 5.0 lbs
Rent 4 coppers
Value 30 coppers
Sheath No
Special Nothing


A metal helmet is a head item.


A shiny metal helmet lies to one side.

Keywords: helmet, metal, shiny, basiceq

Retools: a purple metal helmet



Zone Room Qty. Notes
Shayol Ghul The Cavern 1
Tar Valon Road North of Caemlyn In the Old Basement 1


Shop Location Cost
A Smokey Blacksmith Remen 30 coppers
Armor Shop (Tear) Tear 60 coppers
Armory Supplies Amador 36 coppers
Armory Maradon 62 coppers
Baerlon Armory Baerlon 62 coppers
Blacksmith's Shop Tarendrelle Village 60 coppers
Blacksmith's Workshop (Yandar) Stedding Yandar 36 coppers
Cyril's Fine Armor Tar Valon 41 coppers
Drandle's Smithy Falme 45 coppers
Frimble Frickenbakker's Smithy Taren Ferry 38 coppers
Maradon Weapons Maradon 41 coppers
Thakan'dar Armory Thakan'dar 56 coppers
The Beaten Anvil Cairhien 48 coppers
The Cavalier Armorer Far Madding 36 coppers
The Forge in the Forest Stedding Shangtai 105 coppers
The Golden Armory Mayene 62 coppers
The Keep Armory Fal Dara 62 coppers
align="right"|62 coppers
The Master Armorer's Shop The Eye of the World 30 coppers
The Queen's Armory Caemlyn 62 coppers
The Walking Soldier Lugard 41 coppers
Tremalking Armory Samarin 45 coppers
Village Blacksmith Legion Village 45 coppers
Whitebridge Armoury Whitebridge 62 coppers


Mob Rarity
A Defender of the Stone officer 100%
A Dhai'mon trolloc 1/1
A Ghar'ghael trolloc 1/1
A Ghob'lin trolloc 1/1
A Ko'bal trolloc 1/1
A Ko'bal trolloc 1/1
A Lion Warden captain 100%
A Red Eagle officer (35) 100%
A Shienaran lieutenant 100%
A Wall Lieutenant 100%
A Winged Guard captain 100%
A Winged Guard 100%
A beaked trolloc 1/1
A darkfriend leader 100%
A disgraced Arafellin officer 5/8
A hideous trolloc 1/1
A personnel trainer 1/1
A ramshorned trolloc 1/1
An Aes Sedai (35) 100%
An Illian Companion captain 100%
An Imperial Army captain 100%
An armored guard 4/4
Jerad Seratovni, master trader 1/1
Murgoz Karnia 9/22
Pravus the Savannah Lord 2/4
The brigand leader 5/5
The hillmen chieftain 10/10


This item is not known to be craftable.


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