Item Statistics
Release date Unknown edit
Test date 08-21-2015
Type Food
Slot None
Nibbles 19
Weight 0.8 lbs
Rent 1 copper
Value 11 coppers
Special Nothing


A mutton shank is a food item containing 19 nibbles.


A greasy shank of roasted mutton has been dropped here.

Keywords: lamb, meat, mutton, roasted, shank



Zone Room Qty. Notes
Outer Caemlyn The Caretaker's Cottage 1
The Ruined Keep A Messy Kitchen 1


Shop Location Cost
A Kitchen Ko'bal Keep 13 coppers
Asaf's Steak House Caemlyn 18 coppers
Broken Boar Touchan 15 coppers
Butcher's Shop Tear 12 coppers
Common Room Baerlon 13 coppers
Crown and Lion Tavern Caemlyn 13 coppers
Golden Plains Tavern Maredo Village 13 coppers
In the Kitchen The Ruined Keep 20 coppers
In the Tidy Home Sinking Village 11 coppers
Inside the Barking Cat Osenrein 11 coppers
Merry Eric's Tavern Bandar Eban 15 coppers
Miner Bar Loggerhead 11 coppers
Nine Horse Hitch Lugard 13 coppers
Sunburst Tavern Amador 13 coppers
Tavern of the Dancing Cow Maradon 16 coppers
Tavern of the Domani's Kiss Bandar Eban 15 coppers
Tavern of the Pig Baerlon 13 coppers
The Anchor Inn Tear 11 coppers
The Ansaline Gardens Inn The Eye of the World 11 coppers
The Blue Grape Tavern Amador 13 coppers
The Butcher of Glancor Glancor 13 coppers
The Butcher of Thakan'dar Thakan'dar 16 coppers
The Common Room Whitebridge 16 coppers
The Dancing Badger Mayene 16 coppers
The Drowning Wench Tavern Caemlyn 13 coppers
The Erinin Inn Maerone 12 coppers
The Fox and Goose Maerone 12 coppers
The Frothing Slosh Illian 16 coppers
The Golden Crane Tavern Mayene Village 16 coppers
The Goose and Pipe Deven Ride 13 coppers
The Green Man Stedding Tsochan 16 coppers
The Gutted Chicken Lugard 14 coppers
The Hitching Post Rhahime Village 15 coppers
The Keelhauler Tavern Falme 11 coppers
The Kitchens Shadowspawn Stronghold 20 coppers
The Knave's Inn Caemlyn 12 coppers
The Queen's Blessing Caemlyn 11 coppers
The River Gate Maerone 12 coppers
The Safe Haven Inn Samarin 11 coppers
The Sea of Pots Dark Fortress 19 coppers
The Silver Dolphin Illian 16 coppers
The Silver Horn Maerone 12 coppers
The Splinter Logging Camp 13 coppers
The Star Tear 12 coppers
The Stooping Hawk Fal Dara 12 coppers
The Swaggering Coxswain Tavern Far Madding 13 coppers
The Three Towers Maerone 55 coppers
The Tremalking Splice Tar Valon 12 coppers
The Wagon Seat Lugard 12 coppers
The Wagoneer's Whip Maerone 33 coppers
The Wayman's Forge Inn Remen 11 coppers
The White Boar Watch Hill 13 coppers
The White Buck Tavern Far Madding 13 coppers
The White Lion Aringill 11 coppers
The Winespring Inn Emond's Field 11 coppers
The Wretched Bee Tavern Bandar Eban 15 coppers
Wayward Inn Common Room Tarendrelle Village 12 coppers
Ye Olde Butcher Bandar Eban 16 coppers


Mob Rarity
The gholam 1/8
The giant queen ant very rare


Cooking retools Plates
Cooking base item