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Special Smob


A newly shawled Aes Sedai is a humanoid? smob found north of Fal Dara.


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The newly shawled Aes Sedai loads with her warder at rotating locations in the Blight. Her most prominent location is in a "Dreary Cottage" east of the "Abandoned Square" behind a "rottendoor" in the Blighted Stedding.


When attacking the newly shawled Aes Sedai one must take into account the fact that she is protected by a tense warder. Her warder will intercept attacks on her and warder mobs will "disarm to the ground" any opponent who is directly fighting them. If you are attacking the warder pair without human opponents present, this is a nuisance. If you are attacking human opponents at the warder pair who are using the smob as a patrol, then the human opponents can pick up the disarmed weapons and close the "rottendoor" preventing you from escaping. The Aes Sedai mob can channel even though you are in a stedding.


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