Item Statistics
Release date Unknown edit
Test date 4-4-2018
Type Armor
Slot Arms
DB -1
PB -8
MVs -4
Abs 76%
Weight 6.0 lbs
Rent 15 coppers
Value Unknown edit
Sheath No
Special Craftable


A pair of ebony-steel plate vambraces is an arms item.


A pair of black vambraces lies here, gleaming brightly.

Keywords: ebony, plate, sleeves, steel, vambraces, abseq

Retool: a set of vambraces worked in brilliant yellow



No zones are known to currently load this item.


No shops are known to currently load this item.


Mob Lvl Type Count Rarity
Akkad the Myrddraal 1/1  100%
Aorik Dubane ??  100%
Boghag the Myrddraal 1/1  100%
Captain Layten D'hael 6/9  67%
Commander Aylia Moralia 4/10  40%
Erorar the Myrddraal 1/1  100%
Galnorn 1/1  100%
Korvak 2/2  100%
Lord Dremond al'Moran 1/1  100%
Maegor Juliyan 2/9  22%
Officer Elricain Tavolin 1/1  100%
Ondurel Esimir 1/2  50%
Raerdan Magi'i, the tainted Channeler 1/2  50%
Siffas the Eyeless 1/1  100%
a burly dragonsworn 2/3  67%
a cold-eyed man 2/10  20%
a deranged wolfbrother hermit 4/18  22%
a disgraced Arafellin officer 2/8  25%
the King of Illusions 1/1  100%
the Lord Meneril 2/4  50%
the Shienaran commander 1/2  50%
the brigand leader (Illian) 4/8  50%
the shadow knight 1/2  50%


Guild Location Rarity
Armorsmithing Guild (Plate Armor) Bandar Eban


  • Armor stats updated 4/18/2018 from WoTMUD Armor Statistics
  • An update on November 5 2017 increased ABS from 10% to 11%, increased MV penalty from 0 to -5, and increased PB penalty from -4 to -8.
Arms Items
General a set of tooled leather sleeves slashed with silk • a pair of steel-plated vambraces • a set of finely-spun cloth sleeves • ArmsTemplate:Infobox item dpl2.default • a pair of ebony-steel plate vambraces C • a pair of oiled chainmail sleeves C • a pair of riveted chainmail sleeves C • a light pair of leather coverings • a pair of tooled leather sleeves • a set of chainmail sleeves • a set of cloth sleeves C • a set of lace sleeves • a red armband • a white armband • a pair of dyed leather armsleeves C • a set of thin metal vambraces • a pair of polished, gold-plated vambraces • a pair of splinted steel vambraces U • a hammered pair of silver vambraces U • a pair of cresent branded vambraces
Mob Gear a hand-wide blue stole • a White Tower shawl
Retools a brilliant set of yellow riveted sleeves C • a set of vambraces worked in brilliant yellow C
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