Item Statistics
Release date Unknown edit
Test date 4-4-2018
Type Armor
Slot Feet
DB 1
PB 0
MVs 12
Abs 20%
Weight 4.5 lbs
Rent 1 copper
Value 5 coppers
Sheath No
Special Nothing


A pair of heavy leather boots is a feet item.


Some thick-soled, heavy leather boots stand stiffly together.

Keywords: boots, heavy, leather, basiceq



No zones are known to currently load this item.


Shop Location Cost
A Cobbler's Shop Glancor 5 coppers
Kylan's Boots and Shoes Falme 7 coppers
Maerone Leathers Maerone 15 coppers
Shoe Shop Tear 5 coppers
Shoemaker's Shop Whitebridge 5 coppers
The Animal's Hide Lugard 6 coppers
The Cavalier Armorer Far Madding 6 coppers
The Forge in the Forest Stedding Shangtai 17 coppers
The Lord's Feet Maerone 7 coppers
The Old Man's Shoe Store Lugard 5 coppers


Mob Rarity
A Cairhienin outlaw 3/3
A Defender of the Stone soldier 100%
A Dhai'mon trolloc 1/1
A Ko'bal trolloc 1/1
A Lion Warden squadman 100%
A Red Eagle warrior (25) 100%
A Shienaran footman 100%
A Wall Guardsman 100%
A Winged Guard 100%
A Winged Guardsman 100%
A bandit 18/18
A beaked trolloc 1/1
A boarish trolloc 2/2
A brigand sentry 3/3
A burly bandit guard 2/2
A cruel slave-driver 3/3
A darkfriend trooper 100%
A deranged ogier 1/1
A deranged trolloc warrior 1/1
A deranged wolfbrother hermit 15/18
A drooling trolloc 1/1
A graceful warder 100%
A half-man 2/2
A hideous trolloc 1/1
A horse thief (40) 5/5
A mountain-side dweller 4/4
A myrddraal (40) 1/1
A myrddraal (Lokras) 1/1
A pirate 2/2
A smuggler chief 20/20
A smuggler 2/2
A smuggler 1/1
An Elite Palace Guard 1/1
An Illian Companion (25) 100%
An Imperial Army soldier 100%
An ogier darkfriend 2/2
Culyn Sumner 2/2
Kreeza, the trolloc warrior maiden 2/4
Patros Leander 3/3
The wicked myrddraal 2/2


This item is not known to be craftable.


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