Item Statistics
Release date Unknown edit
Test date 4-4-2018
Type Armor
Slot Hands
DB 0
PB 0
MVs 0
Abs 0.5%
Weight 0.6 lbs
Rent 1 copper
Value 1 copper
Sheath No
Special Nothing


A pair of sheepskin gloves is a hands item.


A thin pair of pale, sheepskin gloves has been dropped here.

Keywords: gloves, pale, sheepskin, thin, basiceq



No zones are known to currently load this item.


Shop Location Cost
A Tailor's Shop (Bandar Eban) Bandar Eban 1 coppers
A Tailor's Shop (Fal Dara) Fal Dara 2 coppers
Baerlon Clothier Baerlon 1 coppers
Clothier's Shop Amador 1 coppers
Jaseem's Fine Clothing Cairhien 1 coppers
Lugard Tailoring Lugard 1 coppers
Maradon Clothier Maradon 2 coppers
Mayene Fabric and Cloth Mayene 1 coppers
Samarin Tailoring Samarin 1 coppers
Tailor of Caemlyn Caemlyn 2 coppers
Tailor of Yandar Stedding Yandar 1 coppers
Tailor Whitebridge 1 coppers
Thakan'dar Armory Thakan'dar 1 coppers
The Master Tailor's Shop The Eye of the World 1 coppers
The Needle and Thread Illian 1 coppers
Tilsi's Stichery and Embroidery Falme 1 coppers


Mob Rarity
The underground mistress 13/18


This item is not known to be craftable.


Hands Items
General a thick pair of leather work gloves • a fine pair of light, buckskin gloves • a pair of dark gloves • a pair of emerald-trimmed leather gloves • a pair of heavy metal gauntlets C • HandsTemplate:Infobox item dpl2.default • a pair of leather half-gauntlets • a pair of slim riding gloves C • a pair of steel-backed gauntlets • a sturdy pair of full leather gauntlets • a pair of sheepskin gloves • a thin pair of soft boarskin gloves • a pair of metal half-gauntlets • a thin pair of leather gloves • a thin pair of silken gloves • a warm pair of fuzzy woolen mittens • a pair of steel-plated gauntlets • a pair of leather gauntlets covered by chainmail
Retools a pair of heavy sunset orange gauntlets C • a pair of steel-backed sunset orange gauntlets • a pair of sunset orange half-gauntlets