Item Statistics
Release date Unknown edit
Test date 4-4-2018
Type Armor
Slot Feet
DB -1
PB -4
MVs 10
Abs 90%
Weight 6.0 lbs
Rent 11 coppers
Value 300 coppers
Sheath No
Special Craftable


A pair of thick metal boots is a feet item.


A pair of thick metal boots stand inflexibly upright.

Keywords: boots, metal, thick, abseq

Retools: a pair of thick sky blue boots



No zones are known to currently load this item.


Shop Location Cost
Golden Bees Armory Illian 629 coppers


Mob Lvl Type Count Rarity
Akkad the Myrddraal 1/1  100%
Aren a'Raen 1/1  100%
Blarg the Myrddraal 1/1  100%
Blodfest 2/2  100%
Boghag the Myrddraal 1/1  100%
Captain Layten D'hael 4/9  44%
Commander Aylia Moralia 4/10  40%
Erorar the Myrddraal 1/1  100%
Galnorn 1/1  100%
Ganal the Lurk 1/1  100%
Korvak 2/2  100%
Maegor Juliyan 2/9  22%
Maeltor the Myrddraal 1/1  100%
Murgoz Karnia 7/22  32%
Siffas the Eyeless 1/1  100%
Silvak Kalcainus ??  Standard
a burly dragonsworn 3/3  100%
a cold-eyed man 2/10  20%
a deranged wolfbrother hermit 3/18  17%
a disgraced Arafellin officer 3/8  38%
an armored man 1/1  100%
the King of Illusions 1/1  100%
the brigand leader (Illian) 1/8  13%


Guild Location Rarity
Armorsmithing Guild (Plate Armor) Bandar Eban


  • Armor stats updated 5/3/2018 from WoTMUD Armor Statistics
  • An update on November 5 2017 increased weight from 5.0 to 6.0 lbs and removed MV bonus from 5 to 0.
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