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Release date January 7 2018 (Update)
Test date Unknown edit
Type Gender Level
Unknown edit Male Unknown edit
HPs MVs Dmg
Unknown N/A
Height Weight BMI
>69 in <175 lbs Unknown
Aggro No
Special quest


A personnel trainer is a humanoid? quest mob which awards experience in exchange for the scalps of various creatures. He provides tiered quests for individuals level 15 and higher. Only quests of the appropriate level can be completed, with no rewards given for scalps from a higher or lower tier quest. Quest targets are zone specific and a target from non-specified zones will not be rewarded.

Description Edit

A personnel trainer stands here, helping you gain experience.

It has no description.

Keywords: personnel, trainer, ?

Rewards Edit

At all levels, 1 scalp is rewarded with 1/10th the XP difference to the next level, so at any level, 10 scalps will advance a character to the next level. Scalps can be given in bulk and will be rewarded appropriately even if the character gains a level during the transaction.

For example, if a level 24 character who needs 750000 XP to level turns in 15 scalps in bulk, they will be rewarded with 1225000 XP, 800000 XP for the first ten scalps (10x80000, the XP cap for level 24), thus advancing the character to level 25, plus 425000 XP for the next 5 (5x85000, the XP cap for level 25).

Locations Edit

Zone Room Qty. Notes
Along the Spine of the World On the High Hill 1
Amadicia (zone) Meeting Hall 1 North of the city in the outpost near grocer shop
Four Kings Knightsbridge Court 1 Four Kings
Northern Almoth Plain Mayor's House 1 in Almoth village, south of Katar

Quest Targets - Levels 15-24 Edit

Along the Spine of the World Edit

Target Zone Quantity Notes

Amadicia Edit

Target Zone Quantity Notes
A plains rogue North Misty Mountains ~15-20 Wanders Hobrion Dusque's compound
A bandit Amadician Countryside

Four Kings Edit

Target Zone Quantity Notes
The hillmen chieftain Caemlyn Road East of Baerlon 1 Entrance is located 4e, 2s, 3e from Baerlon Intersection. Hillman warriors wander the area, and warriors and chieftain will aggro players and horses.
A hardened robber A Bandit Stronghold 3
The chief of the wretches The Hills of Kintara 1 Requires search, hidden behind door 'greenwall'
A smuggler chief Caralain Grass 2 Two smuggler chiefs are located together
The animated statue A Bandit Stronghold 1 In a cave in the north part of the zone. Aggressive bandits and a shifty ogier wander the area.
A grey man Aringill
Shows up as 'a plainly dressed man' and will try to backstab the player

Katar Edit

Quest Targets - Levels 25-34 Edit

Along the Spine of the World Edit

Target Zone Quantity Notes
a fierce scorpion
a blood covered scorpion
a sandsnake

Amadicia Edit

Target Zone Quantity Notes
A muscular man South Misty Mountains Requires a canoe to access

Four Kings Edit

Target Zone Quantity Notes
Clanned Trollocs Various goat-faced, Ghar'ghael, Ko'bal, Dha'vol, Dhai'mon, and Ahf'frait trollocs all count for this bountyverify?
A brigand sergeant South of Whitebridge 1 Wanders the brigand stronghold southeast of Whitebridge with 3x brigand troopers
A lithe woman The Lugard Highway 1 Wanders the third floor of the tower west of the road
The shadow beast Black Hills 1 Hidden in The Old Tomb, requires Search to access. Also spawns with an apparition, which will track

Katar Edit

Target Zone Quantity Notes

Quest Targets - Levels 35+ Edit

Along the Spine of the World Edit

Target Zone Quantity Notes

Four Kings Edit

Target Zone Quantity Notes
An ailing ogier Caralain Grass 2
The giant tarantula Braem Wood 3 2 west of wb, 1 in pebble
A two-headed serpent South of Whitebridge
In the Forest
A skeletal wolf In the Forest 4
A grey man Maerone The very strong grey man in Maerone.

Amadicia Edit

Target Zone Quantity Notes
An ailing ogier South Misty Mountains ~8 From above the Noose. 1n, 2w from noose entrance 'open muddytrail' then w and u.

Displacer beasts roam here. They are aggressive and deal high damage with high defensive stats that may be too much for solo players at the lower end of the bracket.

The giant tarantula Amadicia 4 From Amadicia. Can be found in the basement of the shop next door to the personnel trainer. Doorname is planks.


Target Zone Quantity Notes
A grunting cave-dweller Southern Almoth Plain inside cave west of 4x

Loads Edit

Item Slot Rarity
a metal helmet Head 1/1
a thick mail shirt Chest 1/1
a set of thin metal vambraces Arms 1/1
a pair of metal half-gauntlets Hands 1/1
a lathe practice sword Wielded 1/1
a pair of thin metal leggings Legs 1/1
a pair of thin metal boots Feet 1/1



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