Item Statistics
Release date Unknown edit
Test date Unknown edit
Type Misc
Slot None
Weight 25.0 lbs
Rent Unknown edit
Value 20 coppers
Special Water rooms


A small canoe is an item that allows a player to safely traverse water rooms which are too deep for swimming.

To use a canoe it must be in your inventory. If the canoe is dropped or placed in a backpack or other container, drowning will occur along with loss of all equipment.


A one person canoe rests on the ground.

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Zone Room Qty. Notes
Andoran Countryside East East Side of a Large House 1
Aringill Under the Docks 2
Braem Wood A Hollow by the River Arinelle 2
Deven Ride Bridge Over the River 2
Forgotten Braem Beside the Falls 2
Illian Peninsula Boat Launch
Illian Road Along the Limestone Cuesta
Illian Road Deep in the Woods 2
Kinslayer's Dagger A Small Dock on the River Gaelin 2
South of Whitebridge On a Forest Pier 2
Southwest Tremalking Beach Under a Cliff 3
Tear Road At the Shore of the Erinin
Through the Forest
The Cairhien to Tar Valon Road Rushing Water 2 Water room


Shop Location Cost
A Tackle Shop Tremalking Village 30 coppers
Seafarer's Supplies Samarin 30 coppers
Shoreside Supplies Tear 40 coppers


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