Item Statistics
Release date Unknown edit
Test date 08-11-2012
Type Container
Slot Held
Weight 0.5 lbs
Capacity 14.5 lbs
Rent 2 coppers
Value 3 coppers
Special Nothing


A soft leather pouch is a container capable of holding 14.5 lbs. It may be worn on the belt or held.


A soft leather pouch has been discarded here.

Keywords: leather, pouch, soft

Retool: a velvet pouch



No zones are known to currently load this item.


Shop Location Cost
A Grocery Store Amadicia Village 3 coppers
A Quiet Shop Stedding Shangtai 15 coppers
A Small Smithy Tear 6 coppers
A Traveller's Shop Caemlyn 3 coppers
Cairhien Groceries Cairhien 4 coppers
Delan's Equipment and Supply Falme 4 coppers
General Store Stedding Yandar 3 coppers
Glancor Groceries Glancor 3 coppers
Grocery (Jafar) Jafar Village 3 coppers
Grocery Maradon 4 coppers
Long Tooth Supplies Touchan 3 coppers
Maerone Groceries Maerone 3 coppers
Master Daelin's General Store Mayene Village 4 coppers
Musty General Store Saldaea Village 3 coppers
Palace Provisions Bandar Eban 4 coppers
Sal's Resellers and Outfitters Rhahime Village 4 coppers
Shoreside Supplies Tear 6 coppers
The Common Grocer Bandar Eban 4 coppers
The Grocer (Fal Dara) Fal Dara 4 coppers
The Grocer (Whitebridge) Whitebridge 3 coppers
The Grocer of Far Madding Far Madding 3 coppers
The River Trader Aringill 3 coppers
The Sailor's Supplier Illian 4 coppers
The Thread and Fruit General Store Remen 3 coppers
The Traveler's Shop Tar Valon 3 coppers
The Village Grocer Osenrein 3 coppers
The Village Grocery Legion Village 4 coppers


Mob Rarity
A Defender of the Stone officer 100%
A Lion Warden captain 100%
A Red Eagle officer (35) 100%
A Shienaran lieutenant 100%
A Wall Lieutenant 100%
A Winged Guard captain 100%
A bandit warlord 1/1
A bandit 4/4
A brigand 1/1
A burly bandit guard 2/2
A burly dragonsworn 3/3
A cold-eyed man 10/10
A cruel-looking bandit 2/2
A dark spirit lord 17/17
A darkfriend leader 100%
A disgraced Arafellin officer 8/8
A disgraced darkfriend 2/2
A disgraced darkfriend 1/2
A filthy man 1/1
A forest brigand leader 5/5
A greedy highwayman 2/2
A greedy highwayman 2/2
A gruff bandit 2/2
A horse thief (30) 100%
A hulking mercenary commander 2/2
A lithe Sharan guard 1/1
A lithe woman 2/2
A lithe woman
A lithe woman
A mercenary bandit 2/2
A mercenary 2/2
A renegade cargomaster 3/3
A renegade deckhand 1/1
A smuggler chief 1/1
A smuggler chief 4/4
A spectral king 1/1
A thief (10) 1/1
A thief (10) 1/1
Alamir the Horse Trader 4/4
An Aes Sedai (35) 100%
An Illian Companion captain 100%
An Imperial Army captain 100%
An aiel clan chief 1/1
An armored replicating warrior maiden 1/1
An escaped damane 1/1
An obscured woman 8/8
An ogier darkfriend 2/2
Aorik Dubane 100%
Belroi Cavolinde 8/8
Blodfest 2/2
Captain Tariq Ibrahim 1/1
Celia, the Domani thief 3/3
Chianna Mienne 100%
Commander Aylia Moralia 10/10
Dougan Revarnan 1/1
Gorthel Par'tan 4/4
High Lady Suroth Standard
Hobrion Dusque 1/1
Imrysa Doberak 9/9
Jerad Seratovni, master trader 1/1
Kiraf the vagabond leader 2/2
Korvak 2/2
Kreeza, the trolloc warrior maiden 4/4
Kural, the false Car'a'carn 9/9
Lady Mirnavaere 1/1
Lord Jaufre 1/1
Maegor Juliyan 9/9
Magita the Mercenary Queen 1/1
Mazrim Taim 1/1
Mos Teranz, rogue Illuminator 4/4
Murgoz Karnia 22/22
Pravus the Savannah Lord 4/4
Raerdan Magi'i, the tainted Channeler 2/2
Ragnor the Bandit Chief 16/16
Roland Azaron, Chief of the Smugglers 1/12
Silvak Kalcainus Standard
Smitty d'Shays, Wine Baron of the South Coast 12/12
The Altaran Kingpin 8/8
The King of Illusions 1/1
The Lizard King 1/1
The Seanchan dockmaster 1/1
The Shadow Master 1/1
The beast master 2/2
The brigand leader 2/2
The brigand leader 8/8
The brigand leader 1/1
The brigand leader 5/5
The brigand trooper 5/5
The forest dweller leader 1/1
The master torturer 1/1
The shadow knight 2/2
The smuggler guard 14/14
Zamora Khel 2/2


Portable General
Retools a velvet pouch
Horse Eq