Item Statistics
Release date Unknown edit
Test date Unknown edit
Type Misc
Slot Ground
Special Nothing


A stone column, also known as a Portal Stone, is a stationary item. Channelers of sufficient level can use these stones to travel to another stone in a random location.

Attempting to channel any weave while holding the source will transport the channeler, their mount and any player or mob following them to another portal stone at random. This can force the channeler into the Overchannel status, and can still the channeler severing their connection to the source permanently. The channeler will have 10 seconds of lag after being transported to the new location.


An ancient stone column stands broken and partially buried in the ground.

Keywords: column, portal, stone


Zone Room Qty. Notes
Almoth Plain - Arad Doman Border A Strange Stone on the Plains 1
Blighted Mountain Pass At the Dead End 1
Deadly Braem West Far in the Braem Wood 1
Deep in Haddon Mirk Forest in the Hills 1 temp for Dragon quest
East of the Waterwood In the Grass on the Vast Plains 1 temp for Dragon quest
Eastern Plains of Maredo Dark Ravine 1
Northwest Tremalking A Secluded Glade 1
Saldaean Farmlands A Narrow Trail through the Bushes 1


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