Item Statistics
Release date Unknown edit
Test date 03-20-2015
Type Container
Slot Held
Weight 0.5 lbs
Capacity 39.5 lbs
Rent 1 copper
Value 11 coppers
Special Nothing


A thick brown sack is a container capable of holding 39.5 lbs. It may be held.

It is also used for the Fish Oil sidetrade.


A thick brown sack has been discarded here.

Keywords: brown, sack


  • a bulging sack of coin
  • a sack filled with grain
  • a gaily painted basket (perma-retool during Easter weekend)
  • a thick brown treat sack (perma-retool during the Halloween season)



Zone Room Qty. Notes
Taren Ferry Stables 1 Inside a wooden barrel
Taren Ferry A Grain Silo 2
Tarendrelle at the Eldar Inside the Tower Cellar 1 Inside a wooden barrel


Shop Location Cost
A Grocery Store Amadicia Village 13 coppers
A Quiet Shop Stedding Shangtai 55 coppers
A Traveller's Shop Caemlyn 14 coppers
Baerlon Bazaar Baerlon 16 coppers
Blacksmiths Forge Ko'bal Keep 16 coppers
Cairhien Groceries Cairhien 15 coppers
Delan's Equipment and Supply Falme 16 coppers
Deven Ride Grocery Deven Ride 15 coppers
Fish Market Touchan 13 coppers
Flick Samberry's Sundries Taren Ferry 14 coppers
General Store Stedding Yandar 13 coppers
Glancor Bazaar Glancor 11 coppers
Glancor Groceries Glancor 13 coppers
Grocery (Jafar) Jafar Village 11 coppers
Grocery Maradon 15 coppers
Horde Commissary Thakan'dar 15 coppers
Lugard Supplies Lugard 13 coppers
Maerone Groceries Maerone 13 coppers
Master Daelin's General Store Mayene Village 16 coppers
Mounds and Mounds of Merchandise Stedding Tsochan 13 coppers
Musty General Store Saldaea Village 11 coppers
Palace Provisions Bandar Eban 15 coppers
Sal's Resellers and Outfitters Rhahime Village 15 coppers
Shoreside Supplies Tear 22 coppers
Supplies and Sundries Amador 13 coppers
The Common Grocer Bandar Eban 16 coppers
The Grocer (Fal Dara) Fal Dara 16 coppers
The Grocer (Whitebridge) Whitebridge 12 coppers
The Grocer Shop The Eye of the World 11 coppers
The Grocer of Far Madding Far Madding 13 coppers
The River Trader Aringill 12 coppers
The Sailor's Supplier Illian 16 coppers
The Stooping Hawk Fal Dara 12 coppers
The Storeroom Shadowspawn Stronghold 13 coppers
The Thread and Fruit General Store Remen 11 coppers
The Traveler's Shop Tar Valon 12 coppers
The Village Grocer Osenrein 11 coppers
The Village Grocery Legion Village 16 coppers
Within the Cave-In Dark Fortress 20 coppers


Mob Rarity
A cold-eyed man 10/10
A mad woman 1/1
A pirate 2/2
A smuggler 1/1
A spectral king 1/1
Najdeer the Highpriest 2/2
The Altaran Kingpin 8/8
The King of Illusions 1/1
The Lord Meneril 4/4


  • Formerly known as 'a sack' (changed sometime before March 19 2015); also, capacity was changed from 29.5 to 39.5 lbs at this time
Portable General
Retools a velvet pouch
Horse Eq