Mob Statistics
Release date August 23 2018 (Update)
Test date Unknown edit
Type Gender Level
Unknown edit Male 50
HPs MVs Dmg
550 - 560 N/A
Height Weight BMI
>67 in <145 lbs Unknown
Aggro Unknown edit


A treasurer is a humanoid? mob found in the rooms of each Clan throughout the game. Clan members can deposit money into the clan coffer, which can then be spent on various perks.


A treasurer stands here, managing the clan coffers.

It has no description.

Keywords: treasurer


No zones are known to currently load this mob.


Item Slot Rarity
a fine quill pen Held 100%
a loose white shirt Body 100%
a slender letter opener Wielded 100%
plain brown pants Legs 100%
a pair of heavy leather shoes Feet 100%


Paying players: Paying a spy in another clan. Paying players for their services in a war.

If there is a record of a transaction of this kind being carried out, e.g. on the payer's forums, said spy will be able to buy qps at a rate of 2 qps per 1000 gold crowns*.

Upgrading city/ mobs: Put a heron on a cityhead in your city for 1 month. (100,000) Extra clan room (only for those clans with few clanrooms, clanroom will be taken from existing layout if zone is full). (50,000) A special chest for herbs/ potions for 1 year. (30,000) Increased potion loads on your local herbalist or local (mini)smobs for 1 year. (20,000) Increase pick requirement on a gate (depends on city, might not be reasonable in some cities) for 1 year. (50,000) Increase guard mob level for 1 year. (200,000) Improve weapons on your city mobs for 1 year. (100,000) Improve equipment on your city mobs for 1 year. (100,000) Additional patrol in/around city for 1 year. (500,000)

Equipment: Issueable equipment for qp. (80,000) Reduced qp cost for already issuable eq. (60,000) Purchasable no-locs. (50,000) Free captain's hat load in clan rooms. (20,000)

Sharing with others: Pay so everyone in the clan gets a sum of qps. (200,000 for 50 qps for all members, one clan for those clans who share a treasurer) Pay so clanmates get 1 month of master flag.(100,000 all rank 5+ get master flag, one clan for those clans who share a treasurer)

Other: New patrol in wilderness for 1 year. (500,000) Upgrade existing patrol's level for 1 year. (200,000) Upgrade existing patrol's weapons for 1 year. (100,000) Upgrade existing patrol's equipment for 1 year. (100,000) Change one's clan prac to something else. (20,000)


You say 'help'
A treasurer says 'I will take deposits of 100 or 1000 gold crowns and store them for the clan.'
A treasurer says 'Councillors can SAY AUTHORIZE NAME WITHDRAWL to authorize the withdrawl of 250 gold crowns by NAME.'
A treasurer says 'Those who believe they have been authorized for withdrawl can SAY WITHDRAW COFFER.'
A treasurer says 'I will then verify you have received authorization and give you the 250 gold crowns if so.'
A treasurer says 'As a word of warning, the clan can go into debt.'
A treasurer says 'You can also give any rare to me and I will deposit its worth into the clan coffers.'
A treasurer says 'SAY WORTH if you want to hear more.'

You say 'worth'
A treasurer says '25000 - a heron marked longsword'
A treasurer says '20000 - a triple bladed dagger'
A treasurer says '15000 - a shocklance'
A treasurer says '14000 - a heron marked blade'
A treasurer says '12000 - a warmaul, a tainted warmaul'
A treasurer says '8000  - a crimson-hafted battleaxe'
A treasurer says '7500  - a heron marked greatsword, a steel warhammer, a darkened steel trident, a sinister trident'
A treasurer says '7500  - a pair of moonstone hilted dirks, an obsidian encrusted sungwood staff'
A treasurer says '6500  - a pair of long-handled war axes, a feathered kandori paramerion'
A treasurer says '6000  - an ornate shirt chased with gold, a black shirt trimmed in lace, a belt with a dragon worked in silver'
A treasurer says '6000  - a gown of exquisite design, a surcoat with exquisite embroidery, a wicked knife bladed axe'
A treasurer says '5000  - a partisan bearing the arms of Ghealdan, a pair of gold-hilted hooked swords, a diamond-tipped lance'
A treasurer says '4000  - a razor-sharp longsword, a nimble blade with a cuendillar pommel'
A treasurer says '1500  - a jeweled wristcuff'
A treasurer says '1500  - a polished onyx-inlaid shield'


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