Mob Statistics
Release date Unknown edit
Test date Unknown edit
Type Gender Level XP
Unknown edit Male 40
HPs MVs Dmg
440 - 448 N/A
Height Weight BMI
<71 in <187 lbs Unknown
Aggro Humans
Special Mini-smob


A vengeful widower is a humanoid? mob which can be found in the Illian Peninsula.


"A vengeful widower is standing here, fingering his wife's marriage knife.

An unkempt mop of unruly dark hair sits on top of this man's head. His face looks haggard and his eyes are red and bloodshot. He has a wild look in his eyes as he runs his fingers across the colored beads of a marriage knife."

Keywords: male, man, smob, vengeful, widower


Zone Room Qty. Notes
Illian Peninsula In the Homestead 1 With 2x shifty young men


Item Slot Rarity
a sturdy black key Held 3/3
a colored-glass beaded marriage knife Neck 1/3
a vest of bright purple silk Chest 3/3
an ivory-hilted stiletto Wielded 3/3
a black pair of pants Legs 3/3
a pair of high leather riding boots Feet 1/3
a pipe Inventory 3/3


Input Response

A vengeful widower rubs his eyes.
A vengeful widower says 'Amyrna, my love.'
A vengeful widower says 'And now they stole your belongings.'
A vengeful widower peers closely at you. Guard your secrets carefully...
A vengeful widower says 'Another thief! Come to take the rest east, did you?'


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