Mob Statistics
Release date October 12 2015 (Update unknown) edit
Test date Unknown edit
Type Gender Level XP
Horse Male 16
HPs MVs Dmg
176 - 178 50 (32)
Height Weight BMI
Unknown edit Unknown edit Unknown
Clan Lion Warden
Aggro Unknown edit


A white destrier is a horse which can be issued and ridden by members of the Lion Warden clan who have completed one of Lord Gawyn's quests.


"A white destrier stands here proudly, alert for battle.

This stallion has been bred and raised from foalhood specifically for the needs of war. Its powerful hindquarters allow him to easily coil and spring to stop, spin, turn or sprint forward. He also has a short back and well-muscled loin, strong bone, and a well-arched neck. He is beautiful. He is lethal. He knows it."

Keywords: destrier, horse, male, white



There are no spawn points for the white destrier. It is only made available to Lion Warden who have earned the ability to ride it by completion of Gawyn's Defense of Andor quest.


Shop Location Cost
The Queen's Stables Caemlyn 480 coppers

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