Mob Statistics
Release date Unknown edit
Test date Unknown edit
Type Gender Level XP
Human Male 6
HPs MVs Dmg
66 N/A
Height Weight BMI
>67<72 in >90<130 lbs Unknown
Aggro Unknown edit


A worker is a human mob found in various locations around the world.


"A worker busily earns a day's pay.

Working diligently, this man seems to not notice anything around him. He looks strong but prematurely old from working so hard."

Keywords: male, worker


Zone Room Qty. Notes
Illian Peninsula 1
Outer Caemlyn Wanders 1



Input Response
You say 'sidetrade' A worker says 'Ah yes, every nation has its trades.'

A worker says 'I should know, I handle goods all day.'

A worker says 'Very well, I'll give you a list of the trades available.'

A worker says 'Amador has the spinning and weaving of wool.'

A worker says 'Arad Doman is a producer of fine rose scented soap.'

A worker says 'Cairhien is a well known supplier of white wine.'

A worker says 'Far Madding produces fine cheeses.'

A worker says 'Illian has the reputation of making sturdy candles.'

A worker says 'Mayene is the only source of fishoil in the world.'

A worker says 'Murandy is well known for its robust red wines.'

A worker says 'Saldaea has the preparing of skins into fine furs.'

A worker says 'Tarabon is well known for its dyes.'

A worker says 'Tear produces some of the best warhorses as well as bloodstocks.'

A worker says 'The Two Rivers have the best sheepdogs in the world.'

A worker says 'If you want to know more ask me for help with trade.'

You say 'help trade' A worker says 'Very well I'll help you some.'

A worker says 'For Amador, buy a spool at the grocer and find the spinning wheel in the village. After you have spun some wool, find the loom nearby and weave the wool.'

A worker says 'For Arad Doman, find the old woman on the farm east of Bandar Eban and ask her about soap making.'

A worker says 'For Cairhien, find Lord Meneril's estate and ask the farm hand about wine making. Then make white wine on Meneril's estate.'

A worker says 'For Far Madding, find the farmer north of the town and ask him about cheese.'

A worker says 'For Illian, find the road to Tear and ask the farm wife about candles. She will then teach you how to make a candle from beeswax.'

A worker says 'For Mayene, find the sailor wandering the village north of the city and ask him about oil.'

A worker says 'For Murandy, first learn winemaking from Lord Meneril's farm hand. Then find a farm and make red wine there.'

A worker says 'For Saldaea, find the hunter south of Maradon and ask him about furs.'

A worker says 'For Tarabon, find the dye shop and view the ledger for instructions.'

A worker says 'For Tear, find the lord living east of Tear and ask him about horses. He will then teach you how to train a horse.'

A worker says 'For the Two Rivers, you can ask Marin al'Vere who is currently selling a sheepdog. Then you can drive sheep to any farmer who has lost a flock.'

A worker says 'Once you have the produce of a trade, one can sell it to a rich merchant. The further away from its nation of origin you take the product, the higher the reward.'


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