Alias is a command that assigns a keyword to an action so as to shorten the amount of typing required. Up to 20 in-game aliases may be saved for a character, though MUD clients such as zMUD allow an unlimited amount.

In Game Description[]

Syntax:   alias <keyword> <action>

The alias function allows you to make a limited number of short actions
which are then referenced by the keyword, in order to allow a complicate
or often used action to be performed without constant typing.

> alias bf channel 'balefire'
   This would allow the channeler to simply type bf <victim> in order to
   channel balefire at them rather than the entire spell.
   > bf trolloc
   [channel 'balefire']
   Searing white light vaporizes the trolloc as though it was never alive.

To remove an alias, using the bf alias above as an example, type "alias bf"