Ambush is a command utilizing the Rogue skills of Hide and Backstab to set an ambush for mobs or players who enter the room. A player needs to have at least 75% skill in both Hide and Backstab to set up an ambush. A successful ambush will deal damage as a percent of the target's health.

Syntax: ambush <type>

You can only ambush one of: human, trolloc, undead, horse, snake, aiel, ogier, fade/myrddraal, dreadlord, seanchan, or dark.

Timer: 36 pulses

In Game Description[]

Ranger skill:
A similar skill to the backstabbing skill abilities of rogues, this
skill allows the user to wait in ambush for the unexpected, drawing
upon nature to mask his or her presence. While this skill may be
called upon within civilized areas, the heart of the knowledge lies
in the wild.


Ambush changed Apr 26, 2015 WoTMUD Forums

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