Item Statistics
Release date Unknown edit
Test date 08-21-2015
Type Food
Slot Held
Nibbles 4
Weight 0.1 lbs
Rent 0 coppers
Value 3 coppers
Special Nothing


An apple is a food item containing 4 nibbles.


A juicy looking apple has fallen to the ground.

Keywords: apple



Zone Room Qty. Notes
Grasslands By an Apple Tree 5
Illian Peninsula Apple Orchards Near the Ocean 5
Inner Caemlyn The Pantry 2
The Lugard Highway an Orchard 4


Shop Location Cost
A Grocery Store Amadicia Village 3 coppers
Broken Boar Touchan 4 coppers
Crown and Lion Tavern Caemlyn 3 coppers
Deven Ride Grocery Deven Ride 4 coppers
Flick Samberry's Sundries Taren Ferry 3 coppers
General Store Stedding Yandar 3 coppers
Golden Plains Tavern Maredo Village 3 coppers
Inside the Barking Cat Osenrein 3 coppers
Lugard Supplies Lugard 3 coppers
Merry Eric's Tavern Bandar Eban 4 coppers
Miner Bar Loggerhead 3 coppers
Nine Horse Hitch Lugard 3 coppers
Palace Provisions Bandar Eban 4 coppers
Sunburst Tavern Amador 3 coppers
Tavern of the Dancing Cow Maradon 4 coppers
Tavern of the Domani's Kiss Bandar Eban 4 coppers
Tavern of the Pig Baerlon 3 coppers
The Anchor Inn Tear 3 coppers
The Ansaline Gardens Inn The Eye of the World 3 coppers
The Blue Grape Tavern Amador 3 coppers
The Common Room Whitebridge 4 coppers
The Dancing Badger Mayene 4 coppers
The Drowning Wench Tavern Caemlyn 3 coppers
The Erinin Inn Maerone 3 coppers
The Fox and Goose Maerone 3 coppers
The Frothing Slosh Illian 4 coppers
The Golden Crane Tavern Mayene Village 4 coppers
The Green Man Stedding Tsochan 4 coppers
The Grocer Shop The Eye of the World 3 coppers
The Hitching Post Rhahime Village 4 coppers
The Keelhauler Tavern Falme 3 coppers
The Knave's Inn Caemlyn 3 coppers
The Queen's Blessing Caemlyn 3 coppers
The River Gate Maerone 3 coppers
The Safe Haven Inn Samarin 3 coppers
The Sailor's Supplier Illian 4 coppers
The Silver Dolphin Illian 4 coppers
The Silver Horn Maerone 3 coppers
The Star Tear 3 coppers
The Stooping Hawk Fal Dara 3 coppers
The Thread and Fruit General Store Remen 3 coppers
The Three Towers Maerone 15 coppers
The Tremalking Splice Tar Valon 3 coppers
The Wagon Seat Lugard 3 coppers
The Wagoneer's Whip Maerone 9 coppers
The Wayman's Forge Inn Remen 3 coppers
The White Lion Aringill 3 coppers
The Winespring Inn Emond's Field 3 coppers
The Wretched Bee Tavern Bandar Eban 4 coppers
Wayward Inn Common Room Tarendrelle Village 3 coppers


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Cooking retools Plates
Cooking base item