An itinerant peddler

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Mob Statistics
Release date Unknown edit
Test date Unknown edit
Type Gender Level XP
Unknown edit Male Unknown edit
HPs MVs Dmg
Unknown N/A
Height Weight BMI
<70 in <166 lbs Unknown
Aggro Unknown edit


An itinerant peddler is a humanoid? shopkeeper mob found around the world.


"An itinerant peddler takes a break from his trade here.

With heavy lidded eyes and a bold nose, this man is hardly mother's finest. Underneath their heavy lids, the man's eyes dart one way or the other. While he is often on the lookout to peddle his wares, he appears to be enjoying a well earned break for now."

Keywords: itinerant, male, peddler


Zone Room Qty. Notes
Maerone The Erinin Inn 1
Taren Ferry The Broken Mast 1


Item Slot Rarity


You say 'list'
An itinerant peddler sighs loudly.
An itinerant peddler says 'So much for a break.'
An itinerant peddler says 'However, I do sell a few items.'
An itinerant peddler says 'A barrel of tabac for 20 gold crowns.'
An itinerant peddler says 'A packet of needles for 5 gold crowns.'
An itinerant peddler says 'A brass storm lanterns for 30 gold crowns.'
An itinerant peddler says 'Simply give me the money and I will give you the item.'


Works for Seanchan also.

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