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Special Smob


Anoluram is a humanoid? smob and is the final target in the Sunken Fortress chain on Jafar. He can load rare and uncommon items. He spawns an essentially infinite number of carnivorous plant minions.


"Anoluram, the forlorn blighted nym is standing here.

A large being stands here made entirely of entwined vines thick as a man's hand and green leafy sprouts. Pits formed from dark leaves crown his head in the place of an eye of man or beast. His fingers extend from hands of vines into sprigs that twin back into themselves."

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Zone Room Qty. Notes
The Sunken Castle 1



Anoluram flicks his wrist and a hail of thorns comes flying at you! OUCH!
Your-name shrieks in pain as they are hit by a barrage of razorred thorns!

Target is thrown to the floor by a thunderous blow from Anoluram!

Anoluram points a single finger out of which shoots an entangling vine!
Your-name grunts in pain as him as they are entangled in a vine!
Anoluram screams hysterically.

Anoluram sweeps his fist into your face and sends you falling to the floor!
OOMF! You are sent sprawling to the floor!
Anoluram bellows, "No more death, no more pain!"


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