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Release date Unknown edit
Status Active
Region Andor
Number 063
Grid (6,0)
Repop Unknown edit
Creator Nass

Aringill is a zone and mid-sized Andoran port town on the west bank of the River Erinin, on the border with Cairhien.

Zone Connections

Town info


Entrances and Exits


A Coach located 2e 1n(?) of Caemlyn's East gate connects to Cairhien.


Home port of The River Queen, Aringill is a stop on the River ship service along the River Erinin, connecting to Tar Valon, Cairhien, and Tear.

An Atha'Miere Raker, Sea Folk ship service, can be found in Aringill, connecting to Jafar.

The Merchant Wind, ferry service, can be found in Aringill, connecting to Tanchico.

The fare for both the Merchant Wind and Atha'Miere Raker is 4 gold crowns per level, rounded down.




Crier Quests

Crier quests may be started by speaking to the Aringill town crier located ?

Main article: Aringill Crier Quests

Zone Info


Name Search Lock Pick Key Room
coalshed yes >34,<=42 An Old Farm



Item Room Qty. Notes
a bag of tremalking black A Foodstore 1 Stables area
a dirty rock Razorgrass 1
a flatbed wagon Farmyard 1
a hunk of beef A Foodstore 1 Stables area
a length of rope A Tarred-Timber Dock (N)
A Tarred-Timber Dock (S)
a packet of dried brown forkroot A Tileclad Dwelling 1 E. of Wisdom's house
a pair of spectacles Braem Wood 1
a raw side of meat A Disused Sewer 3
a small canoe Under the Docks 2
a small keg The White Lion
a soft honeycake Tiny Treehouse 3


Item Room Qty. Notes
a bulletin board Around the Fireplace 1
a desk The Quarters of the Aringill Patrol 1
a forge Aringill's Master Blacksmith Shop 1
a hanging lantern Outside the Eastern Gate of Caemlyn 1
a long wooden table The Drunken Peddler 1
a table A Disused Sewer 1
a well A Disused Sewer
The Town Well
a wooden barrel A Tarred-Timber Dock 1
an old bell A Wisdom's House 1
an old wooden chair A Disused Sewer 1



Mob Room Qty. Notes


Mob Room Qty. Notes
a bartender The White Lion 1
a farmer's wife 1
a frightened young thief
a hard-working farmer 1
a man (25)
the Aringill town crier 1
the Coachman 1
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