This article is about equipment worn for combat. For the weave, see Armor (weave).

Armor is the term for items that can be equipped to provide some form of defensive bonus in combat. Armor items can boost a player's Dodge bonus (DB), Parry bonus (PB), Absorption (Abs), or some combination of the three, though items with a higher Abs value often have negative DB and/or PB. Armor is generally classified as Dodge, Combo, Parry, or Abs, though many pieces blur these lines.

Armor items all have certain weights, which can impact a player's encumbrance. Additionally, many pieces provide a positive or negative impact on a player's Movement points (MVs).

Armor Playstyles


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Armor Slots

Armor is further classified by which body part slot it covers. The six main areas (Head, Chest, Arms, Hands, Legs, and Feet) contain pieces which can modify DB, PB, Abs, and MVs, while an additional seventh slot, for Shields, modifies PB only (though they can also negatively impact DB).


There are three main attributes a piece of armor may have: Dodge bonus, Parry bonus, and Absorption.

  • Dodge bonus, or DB, increases the chance to dodge attacks altogether without receiving damage.
  • Parry bonus, or PB, increases the chance to parry attacks similar to dodging. Unlike DB, however, PB can be split when fighting more than one opponent.
  • Absorption, or Abs, represents the ability of armor to absorb a percentage of damage inflicted. The value shown on screen is a weighted average of the raw absorption values of each piece multiplied by the chance of that body part to be hit.

Durability and mending

Armor starts out in pristine condition, when it is new. As it is worn in fights, the absorption % will slowly degrade. Abs armor takes the most hits, and wears out the fastest. You can extend the life of your armor by mending it at an armorsmith.

Syntax: Stand in the room with the smith and type mend <armor>, where armor is a keyword of your item.

The worse the condition of your armor is, the more often it will have to be mended to bring it back to its full abs %. Keep note of what your abs % should be when your kit is fully mended, and watch it to mend accordingly.

Most dodge does not need to be mended. Having worn shields will not change the effectiveness of your shield, but they will eventually disintegrate into nothing if not repaired.

Clan Armor

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Members of clans have the option to retool certain armor pieces at special clan mobs into clan-specific equivalents. While these items have their own examine description, their ground description and all stats remain that of the base item. Additionally, these items revert to their original form when rented.