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Attack is a Rogue skill that enables a character wielding a piercing weapon to sometimes attack twice per round, the chance of which depends on the percentage to which the skill is practiced.

Additionally, members of the Warrior class can, when in Berserk mood, attack twice per round with any type of weapon, the chance of which depends not only on prac% but also on Level.

Warrior Attack

Warriors who do not practice attack will have an innate level of attack when berserk based on their level. When warrior berserk attack was implemented, this was the original intention of the Immortal coders. Shortly after implementation, It was realized that practices in attack would also impact the frequency. The Immortals indicated that this was not their original intention, but it was left in place and has remained in place ever since.

The following is rough testing that potentially does not take into account all the variables that could potentially impact attack (such as dexterity).

Frequency Without Attack Practice (0%)
Level Rounds Tested Total Attack Rounds Average Attack Frequency
44 384 96 4
50 550 221 2.49
Frequency With Various Attack Practices
Level Attack % Rounds Tested Total Attack Rounds Average Attack Frequency
50 66% 442 252 1.75
50 76% 292 179 1.63
50 85% 370 242 1.53
50 91% 181 128 1.41


The data above appears to indicate that 66% does significantly exceed the benefit of achieving essentially the maximum warrior level. For consideration below are are the approximate number of practices for certain percentages of each level of attack based on the 17% practice pathway. Warriors with lower dexterity could potentially spend significantly greater numbers of practices.

Attack % Practice Sessions
66% 15
85% 24
91% 30

There could potentially be an argument made that there is a diminishing return to higher levels of attack; however, characters who maximize the frequency that they spend berserk will experience a potentially significant increase in damage output since these extra rounds of attack could result in potentially high damage hits. The different between 85% and 91% in 100 rounds of combat could be as much as 5-6 extra hits multiplied by the value of these hits.

In Game Description

Thief Skill:
Due to the inherent dexterity required of a thief, they often use this
ability to augment their below average fighting skills by attacking more
than once per round through the use of this skill. Attack allows a thief
a chance to attack twice per round rather than the general one time per
round, due to the necessity that they kill things quickly and quietly.
Attack is used with piercing or stabbing weapons, you will not benefit
from the attack skill with axes or swords, etc.

Rogue skills
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