BMI or Body Mass Index is a derived statistic based on a character's Height (in inches), Weight (in lbs), and worn/equipped weight (in lbs). Similar to real-life BMI, it is a measurement of an individual's body shape expressed as mass divided by the square of their height.

A rough comparison of a player's BMI to that of another player or mob can be found by use of the Consider command.

Height and Weight

Player Characters

A character's weight is a function of their height, with males and females having different relationships.

where can equal 254, 248, or 239.

where can equal 200, 195, or 190.


A mob's height and weight have no direct relationship to one another, and are manually set when created.


Body Mass Index is a function of Height and Total Weight:

where Total Weight is equal to the sum of a player's naked weight plus all worn and equipped weight (inventory weight does not count towards BMI).


For a character who is 67 inches tall, weighs 163.0 lbs, and is wearing a total of 81.5 lbs of equipment, their BMI would be calculated as:


yielding 0.544665 when rounded.


While BMI is suspected of playing a role in Bash and Kick mechanics, its exact contribution remains unknown.

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