Backstab is a Rogue skill used to attempt to inflict critical damage to an opponent, the amount of which is based on skill, level, and the damage of the weapon wielded. The chances of a successful backstab are greatly increased by use of sneaking and hiding. Currently, only Short blades and Javelins that inflict piercing or stabbing damage can be used with this skill.

Syntax: backstab <target>

Pulses: 16

You silently approach your victim...

-=+**+=- -=+*

In Game Description[]

Syntax:  backstab <target>

Thief Skill:>
Backstab is basically an assassination attempt. Based upon your skill in
backstabbing, sneaking and hiding the attacker will attempt to silently move
behind its opponent and critically hit it. A successful backstab will result
in the damage done to your opponent being multiplied by some value based upon
skill, level and weapon. A piercing or stabbing weapon must be wielded in
order to backstab something. Your chances of success are increased if you
are hidden or camouflaged before backstabbing.

> hide
> backstab Nynaeve

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