Bandar Eban is the capital city of the nation of Arad Doman. The city comprises two zones, Bandar Eban (zone) and Domani Coastal Palace. The city is also home to the clan base of the Sword and Hand.


Entrances and Exits

  • East Gate -


A Coach located e n of the East gate connects to Baerlon.


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Banking services are located 2s e from Arandi Square


A high-level Inn, Wind's Favor, is located 3s w s u from Arandi Square


Stabling can be found The City Stables 3s 2e n from Arandi Square.

Palace Stables 4n w from Arandi Square

Practice Mobs

Master Blacksmith

The Master Blacksmith of Bandar Eban is located 3s 4e s from Arandi Square for players who wish to Hone and Harden their weapons.




Crier Quests

Crier quests may be started by speaking to the Bandar Eban town crier located at Arandi Square

Main article: Bandar Eban Crier Quests

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