Birds are mobs that are capable of flight, and have different hittable body parts than humanoid mobs and players.

Hunters get a 50% damage bonus versus birds.

List of BirdsEdit

Mob Level Special
the giant blight beetle
a huge draghkar
a robin 1
a black beetle 1
a gull 1
a pretty bird 1
a plump pheasant 1
a duck 1
a woodpecker 1
a crow 1 Shadoweye
a raven 2 Shadoweye
a green woodpecker 2
a white heron 3
an owl 3
a long-billed crane 3
a parrot 3
a trained peregrine falcon 4
a wild goose 4
a bat 4
a fierce merlin 4
a brilliant firefly 5
a red-eyed raven 6 Shadoweye
a strange bird 6
a delicate, pastel butterfly 6
a black vulture 6
a black hawk 8
a draghkar 18
a giant flying insect 20
a large bat <17
a cloaked man <25
an eagle >3<7

Shadoweyes will report the position of LS and SS players to any Fades within communicating distance.


Birds are capable of flying, during which they are not able to be engaged by melee combat, but may still be targeted by thrown weapons and weaves. In addition, when taken into an indoors room, birds have a percent chance to be attacked normally, allowing a player to simply spam until engaged.

Low FlightEdit

A black beetle is here flying around.

High FlightEdit

A black beetle is visible flying high in the sky.

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