Our purpose is to see to it Justice is upheld. We are the listeners of the world, involving ourselves in causes we believe are just and right.

To Do Whatever Must Be Done

is our call and guide, Justice above all else.


Tower Accepteds of the White Tower are eligible to formally petition the Blue Ajah for mentorship.

A mail can be sent to the Ajah, and should should include some details about your growth in the Tower, why you think the Blue Ajah is for you, as well as why you believe you would be an asset to their Cause. Doing this, however, does not guarantee you will be accepted and trained. All applicants will be judged individually based not only on their letter, but the Sisters personal experience with the applicant and other written records of the Accepteds behaviour.

You will be expected to work hard, proving yourself well rounded and gaining the approval of all Ajahs if possible. The Blue Ajah do not just train Blue Sisters, they train Aes Sedai who would be worthy and accepted to shawl in any Ajah.


  • Rank 5: Sister
  • Rank 6: Elder Sister
  • Rank 7: Honored Sister
  • Rank 8: Arch Sister
  • Rank 9: Revered Sister

Clan Gear[]

Equipment Retools[]

  • Kit 1
    • <held>  a teardrop embroidered blue shawl
    • <worn about body> a blue satin dress embroidered with snowdrops
    • <worn on arms>   a blue shawl
Human General
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