Caemlyn is the capital city of the nation of Andor and is a traditionally popular spot both for new and old players due to its central location. The city comprises two zones, Inner Caemlyn (home to the Royal Palace) and Outer Caemlyn. The Inner City is also home to the Clan Base of the Lion Warden.


Entrances and ExitsEdit

Additionally, Jump exits are found on the watchtowers at the corners of the city.


Three Coach routes connect Caemlyn to farther areas. To the North, a coach service connects to Tar Valon. To the East, a coach located 2e 1n of the East gate connects to Cairhien, while to the South a coach runs to Tear.


While not a port city, Caemlyn is connected by road to the nearby town of Aringill, which is a stop on the River ship service along the Erinin River.

Additionally, Sea Folk ship service can be found in Aringill, connecting to??



Banking services are located 1e of Caemlyn Central Square (CCS).


A high-level Inn, The Queen's Blessing, is located 1n 2w s u of CCS.


Stabling can be found on the southern side of the city, located 2e 1n of the South gate.

Practice MobsEdit

  • Warrior Practice - Located 7n 1e 2n 3e 1n of CCS.
  • Hunter Practice - Located 2n 1w 1n of the East gate. Or, 1n 4e 2n 1w 1n from CCS.
  • Rogue Practice - Located 3w 1n 1d of the South gate. To go down, first 'knock trapdoor' to have the entrance opened. To exit, 'knock trap'.

Master BlacksmithEdit

The Master Blacksmith of Caemlyn is located 1n 2w 1n of CCS for players who wish to Hone and Harden their weapons.


The Medium Blades Guild is located ?



Crier QuestsEdit

Crier quests may be started by speaking to the Caemlyn town crier located in CCS.

Main article: Caemlyn Crier Quests

Adventurer QuestsEdit

Adventurer quests may be started by speaking to a grizzled old adventurer located 2n 1w of the East gate.

Main article: Caemlyn Adventurer Quests

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