Zone Statistics
Zone 037 - Caemlyn Road East of Whitebridge.png
Release date Unknown edit
Status Active
Region Andor
Number 037
Grid (1,0)
Repop Unknown edit
Creator Nass

Caemlyn Road East of Whitebridge is a zone located east of the town of Whitebridge, in Andor.

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Item Room Qty. Notes
a bundle of firewood Woodpile 1 a bundle of firewood
a handful of heartleaf leaves Trickling Stream 1
a hunk of beef Smoke Shed 10?
a mushroom (queenscrown) Deep Woods 1
a potato Farmhouse 3


Item Room Qty. Notes
a fallen tree A Dry Pond 1
a flatbed wagon Barn 1
a stream Trickling Stream 1
a well Well 1



Mob Room Qty. Notes


Mob Room Qty. Notes
a cow
a dun mare Barn 5?


Mob Room Qty. Notes
a black bear Under a Log 5
a brawny lumberjack Edge of Forest 1
a brown deer
a bull
a cackling hyena
a frightened young thief
a grayish-green moss Woodpile 1
a hard-working farmer Farmhouse 1
a hunter for the horn
a large black rat Cellar 10
a large plains bear Dark Cave 1
a rabbit
a raccoon
a rat
a raven
a red fox
a spotted jaguar
a web-like fungus Small Pit 1
a wild dog
a wolverine
an evergreen pine Various Issued by lumberjack
the ancient tree Various 9
the cute bear cub Under a Log 1
the hog

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