The Calendar used in WoTMUD, known as the Farede calendar, has 13 months of 28 days each, for a total of 364 days.

Each MUD-day lasts for 24 game-hours, or ticks.


Month Notes
1 Taisham
2 Jumara
3 Saban
4 Aine
5 Adar
6 Saven
7 Amadaine
8 Tammaz
9 Maigdhal
10 Choren
11 Shaldine
12 Nesan
13 Danu


  • Spring -
  • Summer -
  • Fall -
  • Winter -

In Game Description

The Farede Calendar, dating from the arbitrarily decided end of the War 
of the Hundred Years and recording years of the New Era (NE) is currently 
in use. Under this calendric reckoning there are 10 days to the week, 
28 days to the month and 13 months to the year.

The months of the year are:
Taisham, Jumara, Saban, Aine, Adar, Saven, Amadaine,
Tammaz, Maigdhal, Choren, Shaldine, Nesan, Danu