Mob Statistics
Release date Unknown edit
Test date Unknown edit
Type Gender Level XP
Human Male 65
HPs MVs Dmg
715 - 727 N/A
Height Weight BMI
>63 in >125 lbs Unknown
Aggro Unknown edit
Abilities Narrate, Track
Room effects Anti-Fire weaves
Anti-Water weaves
Special Smob


Carchton, the Outrider Captain is a human smob loading in Murandy, in a tower just south of Lugard. He guards the Lugard-Illian Road along with six country guards.


"Looming above his men is Carchton the Outrider Captain.

His eyes as sharp and cold as the steel that he wears. The only obvious vanity on this man of warfare is a long and elaborately styled mustache of fine blond facial hair. His body is thick with muscle and as solid as a tree, everything about his mannerisms speak of a man born and bred to fight, with the strict discipline of the military coloring his every thought. His skin has been tanned as dark and thick as leather from his constant exposure to the outdoors."

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Zone Room Qty. Notes
Lugard Road Through Murandy Atop the Watchtower 1


Carchton resides in the second floor of a tower just south of Lugard. A small patrol occupies the first floor, below the locked bronzehatch. Carchton is a target for Dark Side characters, and once attacked this patrol will narrate to alert the Light Side that the tower is under attack by shadowspawn.

Carchton's room, above bronzehatch has anti-Ice Spikes and anti-Fireball code, making both weaves useless against any targets in the room. Both weaves function normally in the room below.


Item Slot Rarity
a full metal helmet and visor Head 1/1
a burnished metal breastplate Chest 1/1
an embroidered red cape Body 1/1
a pair of steel-backed gauntlets Hands 1/1
a large curved shield Shield 1/1
a bone-handled blade Wielded 1/1
a pair of chainmail leggings Legs 1/1
a pair of thin metal boots Feet 1/1
a mirrored lantern Light 1/1
a gold crown (3) Inventory 1/1

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