Mob Statistics
Release date January 9 2003 (Update)
Test date 3/31/2019
Type Gender Level XP
Unknown edit Female 65
HPs MVs Dmg
715 - 727 N/A
Height Weight BMI
<70 in <160 lbs Unknown
Aggro Humans
Room effects Dynamic
Special Smob


Celia, the Domani thief is a humanoid? smob found in Arad Doman.


"A beautiful woman of deadly grace watches you from the shadows.

A typical Domani woman, coppery skin, dark hair and a seductive smile. her body is slender yet it conceals a surprising strength and she appears to know exactly how to use the dagger in her hand. Her perfect round eyes reflect the greed in her darkened soul."

Keywords: woman, Celia, Domani, thief, smob


Zone Room Qty. Notes
Arad Doman West An Enclosed Campsite 1

Celia can be found in a cave system north-east of Bandar Eban. At "Before a Stone Archway" enter her cave system. Watch out for barbarians and horned lizards. At "On a Platform Overlooking a Valley" open the "canopy". Celia is found at "An Enclosed Campsite".


Celia is protected by 5 greedy thieves.


Item Slot Rarity
an emerald ring Finger 2/3
a gold ring Finger 1/3
a rimmed round helmet Head 1/3
a white-gold diamond tiara Head 2/3
a Kandori snowflake necklace Neck 2/3
a sapphire collar Neck 1/3
a loose white shirt Chest 1/3
a tunic of finely-crafted chain Chest 2/3
a gray suede cloak Body 3/3
a dagger of gleaming steel Inside a gray suede cloak 1/3
a set of cloth sleeves Arms 3/3
a sturdy pair of full leather gauntlets Hands 1/3
a dull black shield Shield 3/3
a blackened steel kris Wielded 3/3
a brightly-colored sash Waist 2/3
a belt with a buckle of cuendillar Waist 1/3
a soft leather pouch Belt 3/3
a gold crown (20) Inside a soft leather pouch 3/3
a pair of gray suede leggings Leggings 2/3
a set of riveted chainmail leggings Leggings 1/3
a black pair of silver-tooled boots Feet 1/3
a pair of animal-fur boots Feet 2/3
a scroll of ancient parchment Inventory 3/3

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