Change is a command that modifies one of several preferences you may wish to set on your character.

In Game Description[]

Syntax:  change <field> <argument>

Used to alter settings about your character, this has certain fields.
You can change your mood, password, autoscan, autotrack, wimpy, title
(for those at level 20+), autoexit, spam, prompt, and toggle brief mode. 
More information on each option is available under the help for that item.
   Field  :  Mood
   Choices:  Wimpy, Normal, Brave, Berserk
   Desc   :  This field changes how vigorously you will perform in
             combat, ranging from mainly defensive to all out berserk.
             Note that you cannot flee if you have gone berserk. See
             the help entry on "MOOD"

   > change mood wimpy
   Field:  Wimpy
   Desc :  This changes your auto-flee number of hit points, the point
           below which you will attempt to flee

   > change wimpy 70
   Field:  Title
   Desc :  Allows you to change your title, accessible only to those
           who have achieved great fame.

   > change title Nevari, the Hunter of Souls
   Field:  Spam
   Desc :  Toggles on and off 'spam protection.' Spam protection will
           group together like items upon occasion, saving you from being
           spammed by hundreds of coins.

   > change spam 1 (object spam protection)
   > change spam 2 (combat spam protection)
   Field:  Passphrase
   Desc :  Set the passphrase you want the mud to use for your character.
           Be SURE to choose a passphrase that is not easily guessed or hacked.
           Your character will be held responsible for any problems resulting
           from misuse of your character. You should generally NEVER provide
           your passphrase to anyone.

   > change passphrase my car is a convertible
   > change passphrase NJisreallyCOLD!
   Field:  Email
   Desc :  Allows you to specify an email address that the MUD can use to
           communicate with you. Typically this is used in case you forget
           your passphrase and need a temporary one.

   > change email foo@bar.com
   > change email firstname.lastname@somesite.org
   Field:  Description
   Desc :  Puts you into the editor, where you can change the description
           for your character. Your description is what people see when
           they look at you, or when they use the "whois" command.

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