Weave Statistics
Release date Unknown edit
Clan? No
Elements 2A 3W
Sps 7 SPs
Pulses 10
Duration Unknown edit
On Self? n/a
On Engaged? n/a
While Engaged? Yes

Syntax: channel 'change weather' <hotter/colder/better/worse>


When weaving Change Weather, an effect must be selected and applied to the end of the command.

  • channel 'change weather' hotter - This variant increases the temperature in the zone the channeler is in. Hotter weather increases the damage of weaves such as Fireball while simultaneously decreasing the damage of weaves such as Ice Spikes. If the temperature is sufficient high, inclement weather will become storms.
  • channel 'change weather' colder - This variant has an opposing effect to the above, increasing and decreasing the damage of the other weave. Inclement weather when it is cold will be snow, which covers footfalls and makes it more difficult to Track people or animals.
  • channel 'change weather' better - This variant creates clearer skies, removing inclement weather from the zone with successful casts.
  • channel 'change weather' worse - This variant causes the zone to suffer inclement weather, such as rain, snow, or lightning storms.

It may require multiple successful casts to create or remove inclement weather, and at each tic, the weather will slowly return to normal. It returns to normal faster if the weather change was more drastic.

Change Weather can be weaved while engaged on a foe.