Chits are a family of in-game prizes first announced on October 24th, 2012 for an upcoming Halloween event. An August 13th, 2013 announcement introduced the copper chit, while the iron chit was announced on August 24th, 2013.

The tin chit can be turned into any 103+ Immortal, while the rest require a 104 to activate. All chits barring the copper and iron chits have a set turn-in window, after which time they expire.

The exp bonus chits are turned in at Shadar Logoth.

List of Chits

Item Weight Rent Value Effect
a bronze chit Sets 2x Exp for one side
a copper chit Grants a homeland change and 1 age reroll set
a gold chit Sets 3x Exp for all sides
a platinum chit Sets 2x Exp for all sides
a rainbow chit Grants selection of 1 unique of choice not already in game
a silver chit Sets 3x Exp for one side
a tin chit Grants 10 Quest points
an iron chit Grants 1 age reroll set
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