Zone Statistics
Zone 032 - City in the Blight.png
Release date Unknown edit
Status Active
Region The Blight
Number 032
Grid Unknown edit
Repop 30 tics
Creator Mandarb

City in the Blight, often called the Ruined City, is a zone in the Blight.

Zone Connections


Name Search Lock Pick Key Room
moss no no No Dead End
BleachedDoor 0% yes no a strange white key Before a Crumbled Garrison
cuendillar 0% yes no a strange white key Inside the Narthex
floortrap no no No A Bleak Hall
concave 0% yes no a rusty key A Blackened Creche
trapdoor 0% no no Scullery



Item Room Qty. Notes
a sack of green ivy Rickety Park 1
a strange white key The Alcove 1


Item Room Qty. Notes
a trolloc cookpot A Dark Cranny 1
a ruined fountain Central Square 1
a torchholder Inside the Narthex 1
an old chest An Ancient Vault of the Aes Sedai 1
a crumbling throne Eastern Assembly Hall, Before the Stone Dais 1
a rusted set of manacles The Old Dungeon 1



Mob Room Qty. Notes
the mother grolm An Ancient Vault of the Aes Sedai 1
a spectral king Eastern Assembly Hall, Before the Stone Dais 1


Mob Room Qty. Notes
a baby grolm An Ancient Vault of the Aes Sedai 6 With the mother grolm
a hideous abomination
a hooded myrddraal A Blackened Creche 1
a hooved trolloc A Dark Cranny 1
a misty image of a man The Old Dungeon 1
a muzzled trolloc A Dark Cranny 2
a ramshorned trolloc A Dark Cranny 1
a red-eyed raven
a snow-ghost Eastern Assembly Hall, Before the Stone Dais 6 With a spectral king
a shivering tree Shadowy Lane
Shadowy Lane
A Bleak Circle
a sullen trolloc A Dank Pit 1
a trapped soul A Fallen House 1
a web-like fungus Raised Corridor 1
an ankle-biter A Dank Pit 1
a group of gray flies
a floating spirit
a murmuring apparition
a sluggish, leathery spider
a large bat
a huge, deadly spider
the giant tarantula A Foreboding Lair 1
the stick Shadowy Lane
Rickety Park
The Blight
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